The music on this website was written and performed by David Fitzpatrick, a musician, artist and music producer from Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada. The songs, “A Fitz Melody” and “Sunset Bay” are registered with SOCAN, copyrighted and cannot be used in any capacity without written permission from David Fitzpatrick. “A Fitz Melody” is the background music for most of the pages on website. “Sunset Bay” is used on a slideshow of pictures taken at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Permission has been granted by the artist for use of both songs. For more information on these songs or permission to use them, please contact Fitz Publishing Company, ATTN: David Fitzpatrick, P.O. Box 232, South River, Newfoundland, AOA 3WO, Canada. Email: for more information. To listen to, or purchase music from an extensive catalog, please check out: FITZ on YOUTUBE